The Tongue

This Sunday I preached the second part of BATTLE OF THE MINDS. I had a long, hard look at the tongue! It's quite something to see how evil our tongue is - yuck! At least we have the Holy Spirit to help us tame out tongue & the mind of Christ to help us know what to speak :) Let's all help each other to speak in a way that pleases God & if one of us fails in any way gently encourage that person to try again. If you are in a situation where there is gossip - get out - by any means necessary! If you are feeling down don't speak it out but speak words of life into your own life. Most importantly read your Bible, get to know God's will for your life & speak it into you life and those around you. Let's speak our life better!

Well that's me done with preaching for a bit - I hope I managed to give Eric a nice little break & I hope that I managed to speak the Word of God to our Church. It's such an honour to be allowed to preach at Church, I know some Churches prefer that women don't preach - so thank you Eric for trusting me & for giving me to opportunity to grow in this area I am really grateful xxx

Have a listen to the full message here


  1. This was great!! I will certainly be watchful of all that comes into my mind/heart and what comes out of my mouth!
    This series was really good and i was totally impacted!!!
    Well done Angela, you did a beautiful job!
    Look forward to more of your preaching :)

  2. Anonymous7.3.10

    This is something I love to be reminded of...our words are so powerful! Thank you for encouraging me and others to speak life. I know that it really does make a difference! You are such a blessing!

    Much Love,