Marriage Tip #7 - Work on Your Marriage

I know this may sound simple & obvious but recently I have been surprised at how few people actually intentionally work on their marriage! At church we are running a couples evening called The Love Dare, based on the book by the same name. We are working through one dare a week over a lovely meal. It has been so amazing & such an eye opener. When Eric & I started this I thought that our marriage was just fine. I went thinking we were just there to lead & help other couples. Much to our surprise we realised how many things we need to work at. The Love Dare is an awesome book & so is the Fireproof movie that this book is based on. As we have begun highlighting areas in our marriage we have seen how essential it is to take time to work on our marriage.

I have realised that if we don't intentionally build our marriage we may actually be breaking it. You end up getting familiar, tolerating mediocrity & generally slacking at the things that used to be important to you as a couple. There is no doubt in my mind now, that it is essential to always be working on our marriage. We have several marriage books that we work through from time to time but there is something more powerful about getting together as a group & being accountable & real with other couples.

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  1. Anonymous4.3.10

    Great insight! I loved this one and it is so true.