Sleep for Christmas

Eric & I had a lovely 2 weeks in the USA to visit my mom & dad! It was a fantastic time of rest & catching up with family. We arrived home last Wednesday morning after 3 aeroplanes & a bus trip from London. It is great to be home but it seems that all that rest has already been used up. Eric & I can't sleep!!! Since we have been home last Wednesday we have been averaging 3 hours sleep a night. All I want for Christmas this year is some sleep ha ha. It's been a week now & we are getting desperate for sleep - any suggestions?


  1. Anonymous24.12.09

    Meditate (really meditate) Psalm 127 verse 2. Then wage your warfare with it. Sleeplessness is NOT your portion.

    LOTS of love

  2. Thank you Jane, I love that Psalm & meditated on it all night but did finally have a good nights sleep last night :)