A Life Worth Living

I am so excited I could pop! Next Sunday is our first anniversary as a Church. On 7th September last year Eric & I along with our amazing team planted King's Church. The photo above was of our very first church service & this photo is one of my treasures. I love this photo & everyone in it! Anniversaries always make me reflect. This past year has definitely without a doubt been the best year of my life.

Busy, yes... hard work, yes... tiring, yes... difficult, yes... but absolutely totally amazing too! I have seen lives changed, I have met amazing people, I have seen God do awesome things, I have seen people who are far away from God get closer to Him. I feel so privileged & humbled to be a part of what God has planned for His Church here in Gloucestershire. I can unashamedly say that I have a life worth living, thank you Jesus for giving me this incredible life! Come & celebrate with me on Sunday & hear all about this past year. For more details & to RSVP see our FaceBook invitation or check out our email invitation.

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  1. I agree this has been an amazing year!!! God is awesome and many lives have been changed and are still changing daily - its truly fab!
    I cant thank God enough for placing me there to be part of His church and His family :-)
    I remember every moment with such joy - i actually have a fast beating heart at this very moment hee hee... no truly its quite cool :-)I think i need to do some bouncing around woo hoo
    I couldnt imagine my life without Jesus nor without my family in Christ. U r all awesome and I love u guys!!!!
    What an absolute privilege to be a part of what God has done, is doing and will do ....bring on year number 2 <3