Inconvenience or Invitation

Yesterday we had a lovely Sunday with Dave & Faye Edwards from King's Church Newport. Dave preached on Inconvenience or Invitation - a very powerful message. The question he asked was, "How do you see people in your life, in relation to your attitude, in relation to how you evaluate them in your daily life?" He also mention that many times strong & secure people look at weak people & people who have problems as an inconvenience. They don't want to reach them or help them so they bypass them. We always want to be people with a tender heart towards others. This is what Jesus as like, He was incredibly strong & complete in His life but he never relished in His strength & bypassed a needy world. Instead he used & utilised that strength & laid it down at a needy world. He brought joy & wholeness to the world around Him. We want to learn from Jesus & allow Him to use us in this needy world.

Jesus never saw people as interruptions! We lead such a busy life that often when there is a need we see the person as an interruption to our agenda. Instead of seeing them as an interruption Jesus saw them as an invitation. When you see people as invitations & not interruptions it's a wonderful experience to partner with Jesus in meeting their needs.

The thing that stood out to me most was that we often miss things because we are waiting for the big invitation to appear! More often than not there is no big invitation or opportunity. The invitation is with the "ordinary" people that we see every day as we go about our ordinary life. The invitations are easily missed or overlooked because they seem so ordinary. For example when you went to the corner shop to buy milk this morning, did you look the cashier in the eye & say, "Hello, how are you today?" & then actually wait to listen to what he said? Or did you grab your change & race our of the shop to rush to the next thing on your list of things to do? Like I said, just a little example & I could write a thousand more just like it but I am sure you get what I am trying to say.

I am going to make sure I work very hard on how I see people in my world. I really don't want to be missing precious opportunities.

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