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What We Love About Lorah

Today is my lovely daughter's 22nd birthday and I am as proud as proud can be of her!  She is so wonderful in so many ways, but don't take my word for it, read what those nearest and dearest to her have to say about "What We Love About Lorah"!  This post is to honour you Lorah, have a wonderful birthday. xxx Happy Birthday Lorah-Kelly "Lorah is my beautiful, wonderful wife. She is always in a cheery mood and is the kindest and most considerate person I know.  She is always putting the needs of others before hers and is always happy to do so. Lorah is an amazing and talented photographer, a beautiful singer, she makes the best cakes, and is the best wife anyone could wish for."  - Samuel Beard, Lorah's husband "What I love about Lorah is she is kind and gentle, listens well and is really knows how her photography can capture the special moments in her clients lives."  - Carole Stacey, Lorah's Business friend. "I love

Being a Woman in Business - Who Thinks

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. - Proverbs 23:7 Too many women in business are too busy.  In fact, they are so busy that they don’t have time to think .  Each morning they face a long 'to do' list and at the end of the day they exhale feeling satisfied by all the ticks next to the task.  However, what they don’t realise is that they are trapped in the cycle of a never ending 'to do' list and will never get free from it UNLESS they stop and think.  Women are particularly guilty of feeling guilty.  We feel guilty for everything and we even feel guilty when we are not working.  Taking time to think is working, so you don't need to feel guilty.  Thinking time is what separates the self employed from the business owners.  The self employed will only ever be able to exchange time for money and since they only have 24 hours in each day like the rest of us, their earning potential is limited to a set fee for a portion of those 24 hours.   Hard Work is Not

To the 'Little' Guys and Girls doing Crappy Jobs!

Great speech by Ashton Kutcher - I am so pleased he mentioned all the crappy, seemingly insignificant jobs that he has had and how each one was essential to getting him ahead.  Too many people want the fame and success but want to skip the crappy little jobs that get you there!   I wonder how many people out there are busy doing crappy jobs not realising that they are one step ahead of those just sitting and wishing for fame and success - here's to the 'little' guy who cleans the tables at MacDonald's and here's to the toilet cleaners at the gym and here's too all of you that are doing what is perceived as crappy jobs - may you succeed in whatever is in your heart to do.   I respect you and thank you for all that you do.  You are the true heroes.  To those that are sitting and wishing or scheming how to get a bank loan to start big, why not go out and find yourself a crappy job, something small, just to get the ball rolling, I am sure it will get you one step i

Nature's Hygiene - practical, pure and natural household cleaning products

Nature's Hygiene practical, pure and natural household cleaning products Practical, pure and natural household cleaning products. Some chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream within 26 seconds. Consider all the cleaning products that we use that can either be absorbed into our bloodstream or can irritate our skin, hair, eyes, etc. It's not worth taking the risk and risking the health of our family, why not use Nature's Hygiene and clean your home with 100% natural products that are so safe you could eat them? Household Cleaning     Washing Liquid     Surface Cleaner     Furniture Polish     Bathroom Scrub     Stainless Steel Polish     Window Cleaner     Laundry Detergents     Toilet Cleaner Find out more about other books in the Nature's Way series . 


Everyone knows I LOVE cupcakes!  These are some cupcakes that I made ages ago but want to bring them to your attention for the Range Cookers Competition so I can win a new cooker - and so can you, enter here .  I used a regular chocolate cake recipe replacing the cocoa with half a cup of flour and thought all would be well. Sadly it seems not, so was hoping to get some feedback from all you King's Daughters :) The recipe I used was as follows: 175g margarine 1 3/4 cups sugar 3 eggs 2 1/2 cups SR flour 1 cup milk I mixed this all together then baked at 180 degrees and fully expected nice big yummy cupcakes. They looked lovely in the oven but when they cooled they sank and had little peaks in the middle - looked like little volcanic mountains without the hole on top. So what went wrong? Was it the recipe, the baking temperature, my very old over or just me? I would love to hear your suggestions or even a better recipe.  One of my favourite cupcakes recipes is this one from the

Nature's Weigh - 7 Steps to Your Natural Weight

Crash diets don't work - if you lose it quickly you will put it back on just as quickly. Losing weight too quickly makes your body think it is facing potential starvation and will go into survival mode! Your fat stores will be protected and any weight loss will only be water and muscle. You might enjoy a good few weeks thinking that you are losing weight but you will end up frustrated when it all comes back again.  Stop skipping meals right away, especially breakfast.  The best way to enjoy and maintain your idea weight is to train yourself into a new weigh of life.   I get so annoyed with all the different weight loss options out there that are so very expensive and just plan unnatural!  So I have written my own weight loss program based on nature and common sense.  This method has worked for me all my life.  Why spend a fortune when Nature's Weigh can give you each step for only £20 .  Why stress yourself out with a sudden complete change of lifestyle, when Nature&#

Nature's Beauty - pure, natural, affordable health and beauty solutions

Nature's Beauty Pure, natural, affordable health and beauty solutions You have the right to know that the government doesn't review the safety of products before they're sold. You have the right to practical solutions to protect yourself and your family from everyday exposures to the chemicals that modern health and beauty products contain. Exercise your rights today and begin taking care of yourself naturally. eBook (pdf) Kindle Contents: Teeth     Toothpaste     Mouth Wash      Whitening Hair     Shampoo     Conditioner     Serum & Heat Protector     Hair Treatments     Hair Colouring     Head Lice   Skin     Cleanser     Toner     Moisturiser     Masks     Exfoliator     Oils     Talc     Deodorant      Body Wash Do Not Worry Make-Up        Lip Stick         Mascara         Foundation        Blusher Find out more about other books in the Nature's Way series