King's Daughters, cupcakesEveryone knows I LOVE cupcakes!  These are some cupcakes that I made ages ago but want to bring them to your attention for the Range Cookers Competition so I can win a new cooker - and so can you, enter here.  I used a regular chocolate cake recipe replacing the cocoa with half a cup of flour and thought all would be well. Sadly it seems not, so was hoping to get some feedback from all you King's Daughters :)

The recipe I used was as follows:
175g margarine
1 3/4 cups sugar
3 eggs
2 1/2 cups SR flour
1 cup milk

I mixed this all together then baked at 180 degrees and fully expected nice big yummy cupcakes. They looked lovely in the oven but when they cooled they sank and had little peaks in the middle - looked like little volcanic mountains without the hole on top. So what went wrong? Was it the recipe, the baking temperature, my very old over or just me? I would love to hear your suggestions or even a better recipe.  One of my favourite cupcakes recipes is this one from the BBC website.   Happy Saturday, have fun making cupcakes - oh, and if you have any recipes for cupcakes without sugar please leave the recipe in the comment box below. 


  1. ok well i am gonna try this tmrw and c how they come out - my cakes always end up a little ..hmmmmm whats the word.....dry!!!
    Maybe call them volcanic cup cakes and then if they go wrong nobody will know as they will think they are supposed to be that way hee hee xx
    More importantly how did they taste??

  2. They did taste yummy thankfully! They are all gone already too so must have been OK :)

  3. They were yummy! definitely XD hehehe

  4. try the rose cupcakes on www.goodfood.bbc.co.uk

  5. Haha Im loving this cupcake obsession xD
    YUmm xx

  6. well i thought i would try the very 1st cupcake recipe - the volcanic ones hee hee and they came out perfect - however Sammuel who is 4 helped me so i think that is the secret ingredient ha ha
    they r gorgeous so will bake a batch and bring on thurs maybe?