New Seasons Are Great

Hello I am Eric De Souza and I am very excited about this new venture with my wife as our passion is the body of Christ (a.k.a. The Church). Our aim is to equip the church whether by answering simple questions such as, "Why do we do what we do?" or providing God answers to facilitate change. We do this through our books and speaking engagements. watch out for my first book 'Voices' coming up soon. I hope you will find everything in our ministry simple yet not simplistic. It's hard to diffuse a message you do not believe in, with that in mind we will strive to make faith clear yet tangible and powerful (Mt. 4:17, Hb. 4:16).

I sincerely hope you feel at home here making this website perhaps an extension of your living room. And even if you are a busy entrepreneur or on your toes most of the time you can access our mobile site as easily and take us with you wherever you go.

"…whatever you get, get understanding",
King Solomon
Proverbs 4:7

Eric De Souza
King's Life Ministries

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