An interview with Daniel about diabetes.

Today we are taking a look at a child's perspective of diabetes in an interview with my 9 year old son, Daniel, who has had diabetes for nearly 3 years.

When did you first know that something was wrong?
It was at my sister Amy's party. I was eating loads of sweets which was making me drink loads of water. I had six full cups of water and was still thirsty so became a bit suspicious at that time. My parents were probably suspicious as well.

What happened next?
We didn't think much about it but my parents thought it best to go to doctor and see why I was drinking so much water.  So we went to the doctor and they didn't give me a diagnosis or anything but sent me to the hospital.  At the hospital they gave me loads of blood test which were really painful. The used these really mean rectangle finger prickers and they discovered that my blood sugars were very high. They gave me the diagnosis and I found out I had diabetes.  

So what happened after you were diagnosed with diabetes?
I had to stay in hospital a little longer until we got the hang of things and they explained it. So I was in bed most of the day and I made a friend who was also diagnosed with diabetes. It was actually my teacher's daughters son I later found out. I used to go over to his bed and we used to play Lego Starwars. The hospital was really annoying because I had to have blood tests every few hours. I remember having nice big meals and I had to eat all of the desert too as it was counted in my meter. YUM!

How did your life change when you came home from hospital?
Well firstly I had to do loads of blood tests and I had to have injections which I slowly got used to. At school I had to do the same thing. I had to eat biscuits before play times and running around. From then until now I have been trying to get my blood sugars at the right level. It has been really hard working with diabetes. 

What do you hate most about it?
The blood tests and injections because they are really annoying and painful most of the time. Sometimes even now. 

What would you say to another child who has just been diagnosed with diabetes?
I would say that you will get used to it. Even though the dextrose might seem nice, don't eat them when you are not supposed to. Be very accurate with your carb counting so you don't have to go through lots of trouble. 

What would you say to a parent whose child has just been diagnosed with diabetes?
Make sure you are good with the carb counting and you should probably download the blood sugars to figure out patterns so you can keep it level. 

Do you believe that God can heal you?
Yes definitely. 

Why do you think He allowed you to have diabetes?
Maybe He will use it for something good to help other people and to show stuff to the world.  The spread the word when He heals me that God is real and God can heal.

Why do you think He hasn't healed you yet?
I believe it's all part of His plan. He has something special install for the future.

Do you believe God makes people sick?
No! I believe he makes good out of sickness but doesn't make people sick.

What are your plans for the time between now and when you are healed?
Getting my blood sugars stable and praying to be healed. Asking God what He is going to do for me.

Do you feel sad about being sick?
Yes but if God is going to make something good about it then I am fine to stay with it a bit more. 

What would you advise to help people?
Keep your blood sugars stable because this has happened to me, if your blood sugars go too high too often, you get very bad stomach pains and it stings a lot. 

If you are a child or parent with a child suffering with diabetes please feel free to ask Daniel or I questions below or read other posts about our journey.


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