Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas!

Today is Jesus birthday so I thought it would be nice to share a little bit about what Jesus means to me and why I am so grateful that He came to the earth in human form on this special Christmas day.    In a nutshell there are two words to describe why I love Jesus.  Life and grace.

Knowing Jesus has given me a new life, in fact He has kept me alive.  You can hear my story in the video below about how I nearly took my own life - several times.  I also wrote about this in great detail in my book Hope's Journey.  I am alive because He chose to die.  His death = my life!

Grace, the other reason why I cannot thank Jesus enough for loving me.  I am so utterly flawed in so many ways but His grace is sufficient for me.  So no matter how many things I do wrong, it is what He did right that defines me.  Almost every day I say sorry and move on.  I no longer live in guilt and shame but I am free to be me. I know I am completely loved, even on my worse day.  I know that I can stand before the almighty God and not be judged for what I did but for what He did for me.  It is grace because I don't deserve it, yet He still gave me this gift.

So now I am free, I love the life I have been given and I am not ashamed that I really and truly love Jesus.  If you don't know Jesus you probably think I am a tad weird. That's OK.  You can get to know Him too and then you will understand why I say the things I do.

If you want to get to know Him simply ask Him.  It's that simple.  Just say, Jesus, I want to know you like Angela does.  If you need help or support with this decision please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, I will be happy to help.

Recently I was invited to do a short talk to a group of women and told specifically to keep it short and light.  I did my best and then sat down.  After five minutes of minding my own business as the lovely ladies mingled, I was approached by the event organiser and ask to speak again as a few of the ladies wanted to know how I because a Christian.   I was thrilled with the opportunity to openly share my faith and proceeded to share openly about how I came to know Jesus.  It was a bit messy as I was totally unprepared, but it is my story so I couldn't really get it wrong.  Here it is, enjoy.


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