King's Daughters Village Vision

Meet Thoko Owino Obare - the lady with the vision who will be managing the Kenyan operations of King's Daughters Village.  This is her story:

After I got married to my husband he took me to the village where his father was born. As we walked for miles and miles because I wouldn't get on a boda boda (sitting at the back of someone's bicycle), I couldn't help but notice that even though we were on the main road there were no schools in sight. We then came across a half built very crowded school which was housing just under 600 students - half of them being orphans. Even though the government is working on improving this school it is over subscribed and some children have been turned away because there just isn't room for them. We have tried to help by buying food and books but we still feel that this community can be helped with having another school there as there are many children still not in education.

Meet Angela De Souza - the lady committed to raising the money and handling the UK operations of King's Daughters Village.  This is her story:

I was born in Crawley, West Sussex but grew up in South Africa and saw real poverty and experienced a measure of it but nothing like what most African's have to live with.  Since coming back to England I have enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle that this country offers - even those unemployed and living on benefits enjoy a luxurious lifestyle compared to many in other parts of the world.  We truly are a privileged nation.  At the beginning of this year, 2013, I started what is now known as the Women's Business Club but at almost exactly the same time I started 'remembering' the children of Africa.  As my business grew so did my desire to have some purpose for the money I was earning.  I passionately and wholeheartedly invest in the local economy and love this country, but I also NEED to help those that are literally dying because their basic needs of food and clean water are not met.   I am determined to do both - to love the UK and to love Africa. 

The Vision

To built a secondary school and a church in the county of Siaya, Kenya. 

About Education in Kenya.
When it comes to academics it is not a level playing field, especially those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds, yet they are the ones who need help the most. You have some amazing organisations which step in to help but they tend to help individuals (not the whole class or school); and it is normally individuals who have access to these organisations or connections and not necessarily those in need of help. An example is Thoko's husband George, who grew up in the slums of Kenya desperately needing funding for school (which he never got) but he was in class with other students who were in a much better financial position and were getting funding because they knew someone or they had easy access to these organisations.

Equal Opportunities
Students must
- Meet the minimum entry level required to be enrolled into school
- Pay the minimum tuition fees
- Have a school uniform
- Strictly abide by the school rules and ethos

The Process
- Buy the land
- Build school hall, 6 class rooms, staff room, headmaster's office, reception area, clinic
- Build toilet block
- Build changing area
- Set up sporting facilities
- Get school registered
- Recruit head master
- Recruit students
- Recruit teachers
- Recruit non-teaching staff

Subjects Offered
Maths, English, Swahili, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Computers, Christian Religious Education, Woodwork, Agriculture, Art & Designing (kcse)

Also - skills education (evening classes for adults)

How can you get involved?  There are two ways to get involved - you can offer your time or your money.

- Assist with fundraising 
- Assist with event organising
- Assist with various task such as cooking, cleaning, etc at events
- Assist with administration
- Assist in Kenya
- Spread the word by sharing this post in email and on social media
- Offer your skillset to build this project

- Make a donation here  
- Support the 1920's party
- Use Lorah Kelly Photography's charity package
- Offer your products or services to make money for the project

Time and Money:
Why not arrange a fundraising activity in your area?  It's fun and it's for a good cause.

Photos will follow soon.  
For more information please contact either Thoko or Angela.

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