Fun April Fool's Press Release

Business Men in Women’s Clothes

A local woman in business group has become so popular that business men are doing whatever it takes to find a way to sneak in. Eric De Souza, Director of Cheltenham School of Music, and international business man, Gerald Pattyn from Thomson Reuters were found dressing up to fit in.

King’s Daughters founded their Women in Business division in January of this year and already their events are proving to be very popular. Angela, the founder of King’s Daughters says, “Each event guarantees business growth tools, great food, networking, fun, laughter and a serious brain storming session called the Wonderbra session. We have held nothing back to create the most exclusive business network in Gloucestershire.”

Jane Forey-Amante of Think Mortgage Options said, “Brilliant lunch and a fantastic group of ladies, left feeling inspired.”

Despite the photo being a bit of tongue in cheek April fool’s day fun, Eric De Souza who has actually managed to sneak into a previous event says, “I was blown away by the excellence of the event, the calibre of women and the great time they seemed to be having. I learned about the importance of standardising your products and customising your services. My business has benefitted greatly since applying the gems that I learned at the King’s Daughters Women in Business event. If only there was an event like this for the men! ”.

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