Being a Mother

Being a Mother is a part of the 'Being' series.  We take a deep look into the Biblical role of the woman and all the hats she has to wear.  A refreshing read on being a mother with lively, real discussion with a group of every day ordinary mothers - it's NOT at all what you might think.

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The Five Stages of Being a Mother

Being a Mother
     Who Loves
     Who Disciplines
     Who Sets Boundaries
     Who is Available
     Who is Involved
     Who Trains and Teaches
     Who Nurture
     Who Speaks Life
     Who Listens
     Who is Free from Fear
     Who Forgives
     Who Prays
     Who Knows When to Let Go
     Who Mothers Others

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Study Notes:
For small group study, printable PDF notes and worksheets are available for each chapter at £1.20 per chapter.  Once you have purchased the PDF's you are welcome to print off as many copies as you need.  These notes offer thought provoking conversation guides that will guarantee a lively women's study group.

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