Marriage Tip #14 - Be a Wise Neck

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a fantastic movie and this scene has so much truth in it. In recent years, I've noticed how much I truly am the neck in my marriage, both by supporting my husband and holding him high as well as by influencing his direction and turning his attention to certain things. Being the neck is a very important role and can easily be abused.  A wife that understands and values her role as the neck will be an awesome wife indeed.  

At times I fear the responsibility of being the neck.  What if I turn the 'head' in the wrong direction or cause him to see things that I should not have exposed him to?  It is this fear that has caused me to think carefully before using my 'neck power' to influence my husband.  It is this fear that has lead me to pray and carefully consider what I say to my husband.  

Wives, you are the neck, embrace it and be careful with what a neck can do. 


  1. One of my favorite movies!!!Thank you for linking your post to The Thursday Favorite Things Hop today. Hugs!

  2. I'm a new follower. I enjoyed that movie. I liked the way the Dad thought windex would cure everything.

  3. TFS this movie, it made me realise I've not seen it only heard lots about it. Will hopefully watch it this weekend. Nice to meet you, I'm blog hopping from Katherine's Corner.