A Word from Bobby Houston

No says it quite like Bobby Houston... I love the way she puts the message across. So sticking with the theme of coming back to Church, here is a word from Bobby's Blog.

Bobbie's Sisterhood Blog: Sixty SomethingI grew up in New Zealand. I say fish and chips with a funny accent. When I ask for a pin to clip something together, I get given a pen to write with. Growing up in that beautiful land where the ocean waters have this beautiful emerald tinge, we were always told that the land had 3 million people and SIXTY MILLION SHEEP!

Those stats have probably changed by now... but sixty million sheep is a lot of sheep. I still get excited when I drive in the countryside and see sheep or lambs. I remember once my dad (who was a brickie... bricklayer) did a job for a couple of weeks on a farm. I was a little girl and he took me with him and that year, every ewe on that farm had twins. It was completely surreal. Actually, I'm just having this memory now, but when we pioneered our church, I helped organize the kids department and we called it "little lambs" for a while. Maybe that was a hangover from my kiwi background.
But sixty million sheepies is a lot of sheep. What I love about God is that he basically counts sheep... and not because He can't sleep.
There's a parable in the gospel of Luke. Jesus likens the kingdom of God and God’s great love for humankind to a shepherd, who despite having counted and figuratively speaking "tucked into bed and safety" the NINETY-NINE, realizes that ONE is missing. So with purpose, intention, determination and an attitude that says "I will not stop at anything, I will do whatever it takes" He goes in pursuit of the ONE... And when He finds the ONE, it says there is more rejoicing over the ONE that was found, than the NINETY-NINE who were righteous or safe.

So sunshine, if you are feeling a little like a "lost lamb"... and it doesn't matter how big and strong, adult and together you might be, if inside you are feeling like the ONE, why don't you allow the seriously good and amazing and divinely epic Shepherd (capital S) to bring ya on home!!!

Love always,
Bobbie (former lost lamb)

Luke 15

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