Marriage Tip #5 - Influence

I have come to the conclusion that as wives we influence our husbands. No matter whether we are good, bad or ugly wives we do influence him. I have noticed in my own life & watched others & I can see clearly that when a man really loves a woman he wants to please her. I also noticed that he needs her approval & it frustrates him when the woman he loves doesn't approve so he does whatever he can to please her. As women, if we realize this we can see how we can easily use this to our advantage or to his advantage. Sadly I have also observed that woman use this to manipulate & control their husband. It's a easy trap to fall into & I am always careful of this trap!

In Genesis 2:18 God said that he will make him a helper comparable to him. I believe that what we should do with our influence is use it to help our husbands. Since we have this influence in his life let's not use it for evil but we can use it for good to help him, to build him up, to help him be all he can be in this life. I have only been married for 5 years now but I can clearly see how I have a great deal of influence in my husbands life because he loves me so much. I am very grateful for his love & in return I do my best to use my influence to support & help him in his life. Observe your marriage for a while & let me know what you see - do you find this to be true & do you feel challenged to be very careful with how you use your influence? I would love to hear your thoughts about this...

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