Less is More V - Lunch Breaks

'Less is More' is going extremely well. I am finding the balance in my life & really enjoying life a lot more now. I have successfully decluttered many areas of my life including my schedule, my home & my soul! I have also put some good habits into place (like exercising) & got rid of some bad habits (like too much computer).

My latest challenge is organising the hours in my day. For many people days run 9-5 for work then home for weekends. Leading a church is a totally different ball game. There are no working hours or weekends! It's full on & all the time - day, nights & weekends. We have decided that this is not good & can't possibly please God so we have added some structure to our daily life to allow for all sorts of things other than work. One lovely key that we have come up with is a lunch break. We have committed to stop for a proper lunch break during the day & have lunch together with Daniel & Amy. It's been such a fun week with this new addition to our schedule. The fact that it has been sunny has also helped, we have been having lovely lunches together in the garden. The photos above are from one of our lunch breaks - now imagine if we just ate on the run like we usually do, we would have missed this precious moment when our little ones.

Another great key we have had in place for quite some time now is a date night - the highlight of my week! I love that Eric & I still date. I love that we still take time to dress nicely for each other & do little special things to take care of our marriage. I would love to hear some of your ideas, what do you do to invest in your loved ones?

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  1. 1. On saturdays i spend time with my AMAZING family and invest in eachother :)
    2. most mornings me and my beautiful mother go for a run, this gives us a chance to talk about anything and everything,also,today when i got home, we hade a nice cup or coffee :)
    xxx love youu all