Be A Change Agent ... Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway... Who Cares What People Think!

Today I have some random thoughts to share with you. They are a combination of Eric's message yesterday, Holly Wagner's God Chicks* and a recent message from The Vine**.

Yesterday's message was really powerful, we have to realise that we are 21st century women for a purpose! I love technology and all the things we can do these days and all the people we can keep in touch with - it's really fun to be able to do so much! But we have to remember that we were born in this time to be a CHANGE AGENT . I am not here only to enjoy all the benefits of being alive in 2009 but also to actively use all these tools to make a difference. Too often I hear excuses from people for doing nothing! Two of these excuses are fear and people's opinions.

"Feel the fear and do it anyway! It's not that the warrior princess is unafraid...it's just that she keeps on going. Every person who ever did anything amazing started out just a bit afraid, it is always a risk to try something new. By letting fear contain me, it not only limits me - but it could very well hurt others. We need to take the focus off ourselves and be the warriors for a world that so desperately needs to see courage in action." *

"Until you quit agreeing with those who've mistreated you, or bowing to the events that crippled you emotionally, you'll remain locked in a prison of your own making. When your critic's opinion becomes your opinion, you've built a prison inside your soul with only one prisoner; you. Are you prepared to accept that some of the people you've spent your life trying to impress, may never be impressed and can you accept that from God's perspective; it doesn't matter? To succeed in life you must be able to work alongside people without allowing yourself to be controlled by their moods or governed by their opinions." **

So come on girls, let us be a change agent ... feel the fear and do it anyway... who cares what people think! Get started, leave a comment about what you are going to do, it will be great to share ideas and see what we are all doing to make a difference in our world. 


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  1. I really related to this article on Be A Change Agent, Feel the Fear and do it anyway
    I have been having some problems at the School where my daughters attend with another mother
    She is Russian so a different culture but this cannot excuse her mistreatment of me
    She refuses to allow her daughter,( who is my daughter's best friend) to come to our house and play or my daughter to go to her house and play
    She is prepared to do this when my ex-husband has the children and gets on well with him
    This is very hurtful to both me and my daughter and gets worse when I walk right across the playground to ask her one more time to please my daughter only to feel humiliated by her "No" again
    She speaks to the other mums but not me and seems to think I have been saying
    "ugly things" about her, ( her words)
    I have felt crippled by this but after reading the article I am determined not to be controlled by what she thinks of me anymore
    God sees me differently and His opinion is the most important one
    Give me strength Lord as I see this lady every day to rise up and walk with my head held high in the knowledge that you love me and accept me just the way I am