Being a Lover

Being a Lover is a part of the Being series where we look at the honest and practical truth about sex. God made sex for pleasure yet many women struggle to be truly free in this area. A must read for women with great benefits for men too.

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Heterosexual and Married   
The Five Stages of Sex   

Being a Lover   
    For the First Time   
    With a Past   
    Who Plans   
    Who Understands   
    Who Helps   
    Who has Fun   
    In Her Mind   
    Who Communicates   
    Who Does Not Grow Cold   
    Who Seduces   
    Who Expresses Her Feelings   
    Who is Naked   
    Who is Unashamed   
    Who is Healthy   
    Who is Pregnant   
    Who is Ageing   

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  1. Anonymous25.1.13

    Really enjoyed your first post Heterosexual and Married - when can we expect the second post. Been really looking forward to it.

    1. Angela26.1.13

      I don't usually reply to Anonymous comments as most of them are usually spam and it's difficult to tell the difference between the two. If you would like a response please always use your name :)

      On this occasion I will respond because it's a valid question ;) Being a Lover post will be on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, the next post being on the 19th Feb where we will discuss The Five Stages of Sex.

      Other "Being" posts are usually as follows:

      1st Tues day of every month - Being a Mother

      2nd Tues day of every month - Being a Women in Business

      3rd Tues day of every month - Being a Lover

      4th Tues day of every month - Being a Friend

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