Anointed for Business

I passionately believe that we have missed the whole point of the gifts of the spirit, the fivefold ministry and the church.  It seems we have built a church based on our needs and our comfort rather than on the needs of the lost and dying world around us.  It is time for the church to rise up and get out into the world again.  Recently I have had the privilege of speaking at our church about a subject.  I spoke about how we are actually anointed for business and how we need to take the church out into the business world and stop keeping the power of God hidden away in the churches.  This message is new and I hope to develop it more and tidy it up so I can share it with other churches and groups of people but for now, here is the first draft of Anointed for Business Part I and II.   I hope God speaks to you through this message and if you would like me to share it at your church please feel free to make a booking here.

Anointed for Business I

Anointed for Business II


  1. Hi! I don't have the time to watch this right now, but you are absolutely right about taking God's power into the business world! I will definitely come back to watch this! Happy to find another faith blogger - visiting from the Totally Tuesday blog hop!

    1. Angela31.10.12

      Hi Dalynn,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you are blessed when you watch this video.