Our Vision: 
King’s Daughters exists to inspire and equip women to understand the privilege and responsibility of being the daughter of THE King!
2009 – In the Beginning
After closing down her management and recruitment company, Angela De Souza dedicated her time to pastoring a church alongside her husband, Eric. King’s Daughters was born in April 2009 with the simple idea of having a place where she could share her thoughts and interact with the ladies in her church.  Little did she know that there was so much more install for her and for many other women worldwide.  A little tiny seed was planted.
2010 – Book ManiaIt was in 2010 that Angela seriously took up writing and became passionate about writing to support and encourage women.  Her blog writing turned into book writing and her very first book, Hope’s Journey was released in November 2010, where she openly wrote about her struggle with self-harming and depression.  This book brought many women, young and old, to confide in Angela about their own struggles. It was at then that she realised how alone many women in the UK felt and that she needed to do something about it. Her mission was to find a way to reach out to all walks of life and cut across cultural and church divides and since then she has written 27 more books as well as study material for individuals and churches to use.
2011 – A Conference is Born
January began with the conception of weekly Girl’s Nights and an annual King’s Daughters Conference. Girl’s Nights explored one big question – What is the true meaning of being a woman? The entire year was dedicated to exploring that question and the conference was the celebration of a new understanding of what it meant to be a woman. The Girl’s Night discussion resulted in a book, Being a Woman. In September of 2011, the King’s Daughters Conference was born and the theme was Beauty with a Purpose.
2012 – World-Changing Time
Testimonies began flooding in as a result of King’s Daughters and soon Angela started receiving requests for teaching material and support in other countries. On 12 May 2012 King’s Daughters, Uganda was launched in Kampala Uganda. The King’s Daughters Ministry was established to offer support and resources to individuals who want to run with the vision and to partner churches. Where possible, Angela visits churches to set up King’s Daughters and to encourage the women and the women’s ministry. Her passion is to help women to understand their true identity and value so that they can lead an amazing, abundant life with passion and purpose.
2013 – Business and Franchising 
Angela tried very hard to avoid the next step, which was to delve into the business world.  After failing at previous attempts to create a company she felt unqualified to support businesswomen.  However, God had a different perspective and nudged Angela into business despite her continued resistance.  Unknown to Angela, the message she shared at her church in 2012 – Anointed for Business – was actually where the seed for women in business was planted.  Once the Women’s Business Club was launched it skyrocketed instantly and grew from a small networking event to a national franchise within four months!
Angela realised the importance of supporting women in business as well as women in ministry so determined to support both groups of women through King’s Daughters, despite much opposition to mixing business and ministry.  Women’s Business Club is Angela’s mission field where she offers practical business support and mentoring but is primarily focused on being light in darkness and seeks every opportunity to share the gospel as God leads. The business also exists to generate funds to support King’s Daughters financially.
2014 – PoliticsIf mixing business and the church is a bit challenging can you imagine the challenge when Angela felt God calling her to politics!  She was both praised and criticised with equal measure when standing for the Conservative Party in the 2014 local elections.  However, she firmly felt it essential that Christians are light in the darkness, are active in their communities and are leaders of their communities. It’s not about promoting a political party within the church but rather about promoting the concept of having a political influence from the church in this nation.
2015 – The Team
This year introduced the King’s Daughters Team (see photo above) who met monthly to plan and pray together. The team is available to minister worship and/or the word at your church and support women’s ministries in any way possible.
2016 – The Year of RestSeven years since King’s Daughters was born meant that a rest was much needed. Angela strongly felt that God wanted the ministry to rest so that she could focus on building people.

The Journey Continues – the rest of the story is still to be written!