Congratulations Samuel and Lorah Beard

Yesterday, 22nd March 2013, was one of the most amazing days of my entire life.  My beautiful, first born daughter, Lorah-Kelly, united forces with a wonderful man, Samuel Beard.  As individuals they were fantastic people but now, as one, I know that they will be even more powerful in love and life.  

Above is another one of Charlie's stunning photos from Samauel and Lorah's engagement shoot.  Here are some phone camera photos to give you a glimpse into our day before the professional photos come back from CKB Photography

Lorah ready to leave home and go to meet her man at the altar
Toasting with Sameul and Lorah

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Beard

The beautiful wedding venue - Overfarm Barn
There is so much more to say and lots more photos to come, I hope you have enjoyed a little sneak peak into a very special part of my life :) xxx

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