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Nature's Way - Deodorant

Parabens are used as a preservative in most beauty products these days.  The scientists have only just  started  looking into the dangers of parabens and there is emerging data linking parabens and cancer - especially breast cancer. One of the recent shocking discoveries is that deodorant his high in parabens and aluminium which could be one of the most significant causes of breast cancer.  Chemicals can seep through your skin and get into the immediate and nearby underlying soft tissue.
     Aluminium is a neurotoxin which means that it causes damage to nerves or nerve tissue.  Studies have linked Aluminium as a neurotoxin to Alzheimer and other neurological diseases.  As stated by the FDA: “Antiperspirants have an aluminium-based compound as their main, active ingredient, which can be any number of compounds within an established concentration and dosage form.”   Using aluminium on your skin is risky as it is quickly absorbed into your system and into your brain.
     Even men are at risk.  Many people don’t realise that men can get breast cancer because you wouldn’t really say that men have ‘breasts’.  But men do have a small amount of breast tissue behind their nipples and this is where breast cancer can develop.  I have also discovered in my research that deodorants can even cause prostate cancer.
     Antiperspirants are even worse – double trouble - as they stop you from sweating!  Sweating is one of the ways the body cleanses itself of toxins.  Antiperspirants cause the toxins in your sweat to become trapped and breast tissue is especially efficient at storing these poisons.  We need to sweat; it is natural and necessary to sweat.

Nature’s Way Alternatives

I used Bicarbonate of Soda as a deodorant.  Simply use it as you would a talcum powder but of course talcum powder is a big ‘no no’.  It’s simply and highly effective.  Armpit odour is caused by bacteria present on the skin’s surface.  Bicarbonate of Soda has strong antibacterial properties and so is the simplest alternative for chemical deodorants.

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Clean bacteria free armpits
  • No cancer risks
  • Save money
  • Natural toxin excretion

  • Slight burning or a rash might occur at first as your underarms detox but this does pass. 


Ingredients:        Bicarbonate of soda

Method:    Apply under your arms with a powder puff or a Kabuki brush.  You can also add some corn flour to your Bicarbonate of Soda to make it a little gentler to apply.

More deodorant recipes:
There are many recipes available for homemade deodorants using natural ingredients, here are some:

Essential Oil and Bicarbonate of Soda 
  • 1/4 cup Corn Flour
  • 1/4 cup Bicarbonate of Soda
  • 10 drops of Essential Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Shea Butter

Mix all ingredients together very well and either rub into your armpits with your fingers or use an old, empty deodorant stick.

Rub half a lemon under your arms once or twice a day to kill bacteria and give you a nice fresh smelling arm pit. 

Now it's your turn.
If you have any deodorant tips that work well, please share them with us.  Find out more about Nature's Way here.


  1. Really interesting. Sorry, I don't have any deodorant tips... but I will have to try what you have suggested. Thank!

    1. Angela29.6.12

      Hi Gina,

      I would love to hear your thoughts after trying my deodorant tips for a few weeks :)


  2. I would love to hear your thoughts after trying my deodorant tips for a few weeks

    1. Angela4.7.12

      That sounds great, what are your tips?


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