Great News!

I am so excited! I could harly wait to get onto my computer and share this awesome news with you. Eric invited me to speak at our church today in anticipation of the launch of my book, Secure on the Rock.  You can pre-order it on Amazon.co.uk for a reducded price and it is already availalbe for my USA friends on Amazon.com.  My talk consisted mostly of what you will read in the book with a few extra bits, you can have a listen to it here. The exciting news though, is that the girl that I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago accepted Jesus today. My hearted raced as I did the altar call at the end of my message and I nearly jumped for joy when I saw her hand go up! Thank you so much to everyone that has been praying for her and please keep praying for her in the weeks to come.


  1. Awesome news!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  2. So exciting that she came to know the Lord! How neat to have your story published! I'm so happy for you.