The Mind

This Sunday I preached the first sermon in the series called BATTLE OF THE MINDS - how our carnal mind is at war with our spiritual mind, the Mind of Christ. I have battled in this area for years so feel I have a lot of personal experience & victories to share. Also I long to see people in our congregation free from all sorts of things that hold them in bondage & I firmly believe that dealing with the carnal mind is a strong step in the right direction for all of us.

Here are 7 steps to a free mind:

1.Renew your mind - Romans 12:2
2.Control your thoughts - Romans 8:5
3.Take one step at a time - Proverbs 23:7a
4.Don’t give up - Galatians 6:9
5.Be positive - 1 Peter 3:15
6.Think about what you think about - Colossians 3:2
7.Know your enemy - John 10:10

Right thinking can...
Bring health to your body - Proverbs 4:20-22
Bring prosperity to your life - Psalm 1:2-3

Can you believe how powerful this stuff is!!!

Have a listen to the full message
here if you like, I really hope there is a gem in there for you.


  1. Anonymous28.2.10

    I can't wait to listen to your sermon! I feel this is such an important topic. I was even up late last night writing about it for my next post. Thank you for sharing on this subject.

    It is desperately needed!

  2. "Think about what you think about" ... I like that. This was a really good post. I will be focusing some time on my blog in regards to depression among christians. I have a very close friend who lost her husband to suicide after battling with bipolar. He was a strong believer, a missionary in fact, and led so many people to Christ. His wife, Natalie, has a heart and passion for mental health awareness among our churches. She will be posting for me soon on this topic. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you.