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I am a huge fan on UCB as they provide us with such good high quality material & it's all free. Usually when you hear of free stuff you think it's probably low quality - but not at UCB. We have stunning daily devotional material called Word for Today which we get from UCB & give to our Church. They also have great material for youngsters & teens. I really enjoy all that UCB do & most of all the way they do it - with excellence.

Recently I finished reading Affect Destiny which is about the man that started it all & his journey. It is incredible to see what God has done though him & how easy it is to reach & impact the world. I don't mean easy in that the journey is easy, I mean it is easy to get started. Many times people wait for a the big call from God from heaven so that they can get started in doing their something significant in this world. It seldom works that way. Usually it is one small step of obedience which is very often not glamorous at all - like helping an old lady cross the street or cleaning the toilets at church. In fact mother Teresa started by wiping up vomit & cleaning &ressing festering sores for the poor people in Calcutta. Look how she impacted the world! Do you know what you are called to do? Who cares, don't let that be the reason you sit around doing nothing - if you get busy serving in your local church God will see your beautiful, faithful heart & He will use you. If you want to do something really BIG for God then get started with doing the seemingly insignificant small things that are often unseen by others. Do it with a cheerful heart knowing Your dad in heaven sees & takes great delight in what He sees! Your calling will become obvious to you along the way.

Read about how Bob Hoskins started something small that is now reaching the world! Get the book free here along with other free resources for your church or community.

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